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Most people never really think.  Did you know that?  Stop and think about your normal day.  You get up in the morning; you shower, get dressed, and have breakfast; then, you get in your car, or head for the bus or subway, and travel to work.  You’re on auto-pilot, and you really aren’t thinking.  You get to work and go through the routine of the day, and then you return home to have dinner, watch a little TV, and then go to bed.  If you are really, gut-level honest with yourself, how much really hard thinking do you do during the course of your average day?  For most people, it’s not very much.

Earl Nightingale tells the story of a young couple who had moved to one of the most beautiful parts of the world.  Upon arriving there, they began looking for work and, after several weeks, they were out of money and very discouraged because they could not find anyone who would give them jobs.  They were prepared to give up and return home.  As Earl relates the story, he comments that here are two fine young people.  They are obviously intelligent and they have been equipped by God with fine thinking mechanisms, called brains, but the last thing in the world they will do is use them!  It never occurred to them to buy a notebook and a couple of pencils and then sit down and begin to think about what value they could bring to the people in this community that would allow them to make money and enjoy living in this wonderful part of God’s creation.

This story is painfully true of the vast majority of the people in our world.  We will do almost anything, including turning to drugs and alcohol, to avoid having to use the God-given apparatus between our ears!!!

I want to encourage you to begin using your brain and to begin the thinking process in your life today.  Here’s what I want you to do:

First, pick a time of day on which you can regularly depend.  For me, it’s early in the morning.  The house is quiet, there are no interruptions and, with a hot cup of coffee, I am ready!

Second, take a blank piece of paper and, on the top of the page, write down one major problem in your life that needs to be solved.  Then, spend one hour really thinking about that problem and try to list at least twenty things that you can do to solve that problem.

Now, I have to warn you.  This process is not easy at first.  You may not initially be able to come up with twenty ideas.  That’s OK.  Even one is good.  The other thing I need to warn you about is that most of the ideas you come up with won’t be any good.  That’s OK, too!!!  By spending the time thinking for that one hour, what you have done is firmly implant the problem in your subconscious mind.  What you will find is that, throughout the day, you will begin to get some really good ideas about how to deal with your problem.  When they pop into your head, write them down and take action on them.

I recommend that you do this “thinking process” one hour a day, five days a week.  At first it will be uncomfortable, because learning to use and stretch your mind is just like going to the gym and building your physical muscles.  Making progress doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes consistent effort, on a daily basis, to make it work.

Doing this thinking process 1 hour a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year, means that you will spend 250 hours a year exercising your mind and focusing it on solving your most pressing problems.  That is equivalent to 6 full working weeks a year!  6 weeks spent digging in a vein of PURE GOLD — because your mind is that and so much more!

I promise that, if you will follow these simple instructions, you will be rewarded many times beyond the time you invest.  I have been doing this for years and am a living testimony that it really works!!

To your health and passionate living!!!!


Passion: The Key to Success in Any Business

In all of the contact I have with both people and businesses, there is one key ingredient that I find missing most of the time.  That ingredient is passion.  Simply stated, one cannot lead without passion.  Passion is a mega force within your life and your business.  It makes things happen and it covers a multitude of sins.  That is why one of Tony Robbin’s favorite sayings is, “Live with passion!”

What is passion?  Passion is not yelling, acting crazy, or being wild.  Passion is simply caring deeply.

One thing that happens when you care deeply is that you are driven to take action.  There is much more energy in an organization with a passionate leader and a passionate team.  Passivity is the opposite of leadership.  The need and the ability to act are universally missing in failing lives and organizations.  Passion multiplies your personal and business success by supercharging your actions!

Hear me loud and clear on this:

It is the leader’s (that is YOU) responsibility to insert passion and passionate people into the organization’s processes and outcomes!!!!

A passion-driven action also increases productivity and excellence.  People are naturally more productive when they care deeply about the organization, it’s mission, and it’s outcomes.  When productivity and excellence are the hallmarks of a company, you will almost always find passion as one of the foundational values.

Another surprising thing that passion does is cause leaders, team members, and customers to be more forgiving of each other.  If, as your customer, I know that you care deeply about delivering to me what you promised, I am more forgiving when there is a mistake.  I know that the mistake was not a result of apathy or lack of excellence.  I know that it doesn’t happen very often, so I cut you some slack because I know you care and that you will make it right.

Passion is so key in leading and creating excellence that I will hire a passionate person over an educated or talented one every time.  While I would prefer to have both, given a choice, I will take passion.

Would you use the word passion to describe the overall atmosphere of your business and the attitudes of your team members?  If so, great!!  You are on the right track!  If not, give us a call.  We can help you and your organization become truly passionate and action-oriented!!!