Monthly Archives: March 2014

Six Keys To Organizational Success

As a business consultant, I am constantly and consistently talking with business leaders about the success of their organizations.  Many are focused on their key metrics (Key Performance Indicators) like sales revenue, quality, on-time delivery, and profitability.  Don’t get me wrong – having KPIs is crucial and needed in every business.  But the question I

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Personal Development – 3/29/14

3/29/14:  Initial broadcast that establishes the framework for personal development, including such topics as the falsehood of instant success; the timeliness of both business and personal development; personal development begins with personal responsibility; success and it’s relationship to evangelical Christianity; your attitude and it’s impact on your personal success; and how many people are just

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Four Keys To Effective Continuous Improvement

I was interviewed recently by the producer of a TV series on business development.  Marti Glass of Enterprises TV called me to talk about productivity and efficiency improvements in business.  In particular, she wanted to discuss why so many organizations are not able to achieve the improvements that they, in many cases, so desperately need.

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