Achieving Unusual Greatness

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What daily struggles do you face in both your business and personal lives?

What is keeping you from achieving the success and career advancement for which you’ve always dreamed?

In the pages of this book, Gary Smith captures the essence of the business and personal challenges most of us face. You will benefit from Gary’s knowledge and wisdom, gathered over many years of leading businesses and working with individuals to help them grow, reach their goals, and live meaningful, profitable lives. This book contains “timeless wisdom” that you can employ immediately to propel you forward to Unusual Greatness!

“Gary Smith has done a wonderful job in simplifying some of life’s most critical and timeless principles.”
Kip Kint, President, call iQ

Product Details
ISBN 9781304577160
Copyright Gary L. Smith (Standard Copyright License)
First Edition
Publisher Gary L. Smith LLP
Published October 29, 2013
Language English
Pages 148
Binding Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink Black & white
Weight 0.61 lbs.
Dimensions 6″ wide x 9″ tall
Price $18.99

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