Blessed To Be A Blessing

A grieving Canadian widower was dining alone in a restaurant for the first time since burying his wife of 43 years.  Seated nearby was a young couple who reminded him of the love he and his wife were blessed to share.  He quietly gave the restaurant money to cover the couple’s meal and wrote them a note on a napkin.  He thanked them for the memories they evoked, related a bit of his own situation, and wished them well in their lives.

A Blessed Gesture

He could have enjoyed the memories alone.  He could have stopped by their table and greeted them, but he went a step further – he took money from his pocket to bless a couple of strangers with a meal and encourage them in their lives. Opportunities to be a blessing to others are fleeting and should be grasped.  Wishing someone well is one thing, but taking steps to ensure they are blessed is another – especially when they have a need that we can meet.  We have been blessed to be a blessing to others.

How can you be a blessing to others?

Consider the following simple ideas:

  • When you’re driving your car on a toll road, pay a toll for the car behind you
  • Be pleasant to the cashier at the grocery store and offer to bag for him or her
  • When at the grocery store and the person in line behind you has a lot less groceries than you do in your cart, let them go ahead of you.
  • Try walking down the street while smiling and saying hello to everyone
  • Stop and help a stranded motorist
  • Befriend a struggling co-worker and help him succeed.

Commit yourself now to be a blessing to others today.  When that fleeting opportunity appears, you will be ready to spring into action and allow someone else to be blessed.

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