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Discover and achieve your purpose in life

Discover your purpose

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How to discover and achieve your purpose in life

On this week’s show, I went solo and discussed how you can discover and achieve your purpose in life. Here are a few points we covered:

Show Notes

  • How do you determine if what you are doing is what you need to be doing to be successful?
  • When you focus on doing effective things first, you will accomplish more in less time.
  • One way to discover your purpose: ask yourself what you really like to do.
  • If you love it, are great at it, the world needs it & you can get paid for it, then you have your purpose!
  • To be effective, be intentional about what you are doing.
  • To achieve any goal ask, “what do I need to do now” to make it happen.
  • Be sure to track your goals to make sure you achieve them.

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Gary Smith on how to define and achieve your goals


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Michele Cushatt

Michele Cushatt on keys to embrace your struggle

Michele Cushatt on keys to embrace your struggle

Today’s conversation is with author Michele Cushatt.  

Michele CushattMichele’s timeless book, Undone: A Story of Making Peace with an Unexpected Life, takes us on a 2-year journey where she comes to the end of herself. Where she eventually discovers that complicated can be beautiful, joy can replace fear, and the unexpected is really an invitation for adventure. Her memoir chronicles a journey through cancer as well as unexpected turns in motherhood and marriage. Yet, this book is not just about the author. Michele’s story is our own. A story of unexpected twists and turns in a messy life and the faithfulness of a sovereign and loving God.

Show Notes

  • Maybe the best place to start is to have you talk a bit about your life, your experiences, and what led you to write Undone.
  • How can we learn to not just embrace, but to cherish, our life’s process and use it as a way to allow God to make us better characters in our own stories?
  • How do we get the church to awaken and start being the hospital for the spiritually, emotionally, and physically sick that it needs and was called to be?

Other Take-Aways from Michele

  • Having imperfections & flaws are great opportunities for connections with other people
  • The only way to become the person God wants you to be is to embrace your struggle
  • We need to be invested but not attached to this life

Listen to the Podcast

Gary speaks with Michele Cushatt on keys to embrace your struggle.


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About Michele

A storyteller at heart, Michele Cushatt inspires audiences with the warmth of her transparency and presence. Her unique style makes you feel like you just spent an afternoon with a good friend, sparking tears one moment and laughter the next. Having experienced both the best and worst of life, she’s unafraid to disclose her imperfect spaces, so that you know you’re not alone in yours.

Since 2007, Michele has been on staff with Dynamic Communicators International, led by Ken Davis. She fills multiple roles at these events including emcee, presenter and coach. With a solid understanding of what makes for excellent communication, Michele has coached multiple large-platform speakers in how to craft and deliver powerful presentations.

Michele and the love of her life, Troy, live in Colorado with their six children, ages 7 to 22. She enjoys a good novel, a long run, sleeping in the sun, and a kitchen table filled with people.


Connect with Michele on her website at or on social media:

Michele Cushatt on Facebook

Michele Cushatt on Twitter

Sarah Santacroce

Sarah Santacroce on personal branding

Sarah SantacroceSarah Santacroce on Personal Branding

Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. While previous self-help management techniques were about self-improvement, the personal branding concept suggests instead that success comes from self-packaging. Personal Branding is essentially the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual, group or organization. Today’s interview is with Sarah Santacroce on personal branding, here are some of the topics we will try to cover during the show.
  • Personal vision and mission statements
  • Defining a target audience; how broad does that definition need to be to be both focused (narrow enough) and yet inclusive (broad enough)?
  • Online and offline assets?
  • Getting exposure
  • Mentors
  • Monitoring your brand
  • Authenticity: Be yourself because everyone else is taken

Show Notes:

  • Even if you are employed at a company, focus on building your personal brand
  • Understand who your target audience is on Linkedin and focus on that
  • While online presence is important do not forget your offline presence! Business Cards are still important
  • Do benchmarking and get inspired by brands you like
  • It takes time to get people to trust you and like what you are sharing
  • There are people that want to do business with you because you are you!
  • Personal branding is not done alone. Join groups, network with people and collaborate as much as possible, even with competitors

Listen to the Podcast

Here you can listen to the podcast of Gary speaking with Sarah Santacroce on personal branding.

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Listen via iTunes




About Sarah Santacroce

Sarah prides herself in guiding people out of overwhelm & desperation and into a state of serenity & structure, knowing exactly what to do and where to start to grow your business. And it’s not a coincidence that her business is called ‘Simplicity’: She’s known for her simple and pragmatic style, no fluff.

She helps small business owners optimize their online presence so they can quit chasing after clients and get found online instead. She is also a LinkedIn specialist and can help you convert your presence there into having paying customers. She works mostly with solo-preneurs, coaches and small businesses (1 – 5 people).

Connect with Sarah

Connect with Sarah on he website at or on social media:

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Sarah Santacroce on Twitter

Sarah Santacroce on Linkedin

Sarah Santacroce on Youtube

Joel Louis

Joel Louis on fatherhood and entrepreneurship

Joel LouisJoel Louis on fatherhood and entrepreneurship

On May 30, 2015 my guest and topic was the founder of Start-Up Dad Headquarters Joel Louis on fatherhood and entrepreneurship. Startup Dad HQ is a business interview show / podcast, focused on the intersection between The Evolution of Dads and Entrepreneurship.

Show Notes:

  • Tell our audience a little bit about your family and spiritual journey
  • You have started a business called Start Up Dad HQ.  Your tagline is “Exploring the intersection between fatherhood, entrepreneurship, and life.”  What’s the significance behind this and what is driving you?
  • We live in a society where we are all spread so thin — is it really possible for fathers to be the providers God has called us to be, and at the same time be, as you say, fully engaged in every aspect of our children’s lives?
  • “Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of the things that matter least — Wolfgang Van Goethe.  Is that another way of saying that we need to major on the majors and not the minors?  How do we do that?

Listen to the podcast

Listen to Joel Louis on fatherhood and entrepreneurship in this podcast. Listen via iTunes or click play on the Soundcloud player below.

Joel Louis on fatherhood and entrepreneurship on the Gary Smith Show

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About Joel Louis

Joel is a Fortune 100 Corporate Dad “gone rogue“! After nearly 14 years as a highly successful manager at IntelCorporation he decided enough was enough. It was time to stop working on someone else’s dream and start working on his own. It took him almost a year and a half of self-exploration and lots of sleepless nights to pinpoint his true passions but when the dust settled it was clear. He wanted to build a platform that focused on the extraordinary father’s of today who are fully engaged in every aspect of their children’s lives and have also managed to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship in order to leave a legacy behind. 

On Father’s Day 2014, Joel launched Startup Dad HQ, a business interview show /podcast focused on the intersection between the evolution of dads and entrepreneurship. Each interview takes us through the journey of his guests. They share their failures, bumps and bruises and their rise to the top as they navigated through the complexities of fatherhood, entrepreneurship and life. Startup Dad HQ also features webinars and live interactive workshops with content experts in all areas of Fatherhood and Entrepreneurship. The vision at Startup Dad HQ is to inspire and enable one small business launch every single day by fathers all over the world. 

Connect with Joel

You can find Joel on his website at or via social media:

Joel Louis on Facebook

Joel Louis on Twitter

Joel Louis on LinkedinJoel Louis on Youtube

Steve Gamlin

Steve Gamlin discussing Vision Boards replay on the Gary Smith Show

Steve GamlinSteve Gamlin discussing Vision Boards (replay)

Today’s show was a replay from October 4, 2014. My guest was professional speaker Steve Gamlin discussing vision boards.

Here is the original blog post and podcast link:

Steve discussed what to put on vision boards and how to use them. He says creating success becomes much easier when you know what it looks and feels like.

Here are some take-aways from the October 4th show

  • A vision board is a visual representation of where you would like your life to be
  • For an effective vision board choose 2 pictures you want from each of the 8 categories of life 
  • Keep your vision board where you can see it everyday
  • The purpose of the vision board is to design the person you wish to become

Listen to the podcast

Listen to Steve Gamlin discussing vision boards with Gary on iTunes by clicking the iTunes logo or listen by clicking on the Soundcloud player below.

Steve Gamlin on Vision Boards iTunes podcast

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About Steve Gamlin

After enjoying a successful decade in the radio industry, a series of life-decisions led to shifting gears from dark broadcast studios to the bright stage lights of business events and conferences.

Steve Gamlin speaks from the critical space between personal and professional goals, knowing that true success lies in the integration of the two. He believes there is a unique song inside each of us, and it is his mission to encourage every audience member to identify theirs, and let the world hear it. His passion is seeing other people discover their passion. As the Provider of Motivational Firewood™ he walks his talk authentically and shares duplicatable steps to success, having created it for himself over and over. Blending humor and personal recollections of his own ‘crash and burn to recovery’ life story (Steve’s phoenix rides a pogo stick), he lives his message with every step across the stage.

Connect with Steve

Connect with Steve at or via social media:

Connect with Steve Gamlin on Facebook

Connect with Steve Gamlin on Twitter

Connect with Steve Gamlin on Youtube

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