Charles Bosworth discusses social media

Charles Bosworth discusses social media

Charles BosworthGary’s guest Charles Bosworth discusses social media myths, realities, and challenges on this episode of the Gary Smith Show. Some of the ideas discussed were: social media is a quick way to promote yourself and make a lot of money fast, whether it is healthy to spend hours a day on social media, and if social media can be a replacement for your own website.  If you are just getting started in social media and even if you have been active for a while, this is an informative discussion and great for anyone with an interest in social media. 

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Charles Bosworth discusses Social Media


ABOUT Charles

Charles got his start in radio in the Montreal Canada market in 1989. He has written and produced too many radio commercials to count, including one that was a finalist for the Silver Mic award. Charles worked in Southington for 7 years as the GM for WXCXT AM 990, a talk radio station at the time and hosted his own daily 2-hour talk show. Since the early 2000s Charles has been an early adopter of social media. He signed up for Plaxo in 2004, Linkedin in 2005, Facebook in 2006, Twitter in 2007, plus a myriad of smaller and now defunct networks. In addition to guest blogging for Digital Journal, the Examiner and Dad-o-matic, he has been published in radio industry publications on the topic of social media for radio. His company Bosworth Media helps small and medium business owners with web development and social media. After a 7 year hiatus from radio, he is back in the game as the producer for the Dan Mason Show on KKOH AM 780 in Reno, Nevada.


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Charles’ business website is and you can connect personally at

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