Client Testimonial – Wayne Korteweg

March 12, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

Please allow me to recommend to you Mr. Gary Smith, who has worked as a management consultant with Ultracell since November 2006. Mr. Smith was originally hired to create and implement the organization and systems needed to enable the operations portion of the company to keep pace with rapidly expanding sales growth. Shortly after Mr. Smith was hired, a decision was made to sell the company. This changed the scope of Mr. Smith’s work, and he took on a role of analysis and support for the process of finalizing the sale of the organization.

During the time that Mr. Smith was with us, he made substantial progress for the company in the following areas:

  • Three weeks after he began working with us, the company has its annual ISO surveillance audit. Prior to the audit, Mr. Smith conducted his own internal audit and identified shortcomings in the management review area. He created a robust system for correcting the deficiencies and moving forward. This new management review system was embraced by the management team and our auditors.
  • He worked closely with me on creating a business plan, strategy, and course of action for 2007. He translated the plan into a set of business metrics for establishing clear goals and accountability. He also designed a plan for regular review of goals and metrics that included employee meetings to involve the entire company in helping the business grow.
  • Since the company had no cost accounting system, he created a vision for understanding product costs and for implementing an MRP system in 20007. He completed the initial phase of this project by creating a spreadsheet-based bill of material and router system as an interim step. The BOM and Router system captured all material and labor costs by product. In addition, he conducted an overhead analysis and added an overhead allocation to each product based on dollar volume of sales and units produced.
  • As part of the sale of the company, he spent a great deal of time gathering, analyzing, and presenting financial information to the prospective buyers. In addition, he conducted a thorough analysis of raw material, work-in-process, and finished goods inventories to identify problems and put corrective actions in place.
    The sale of the company was finalized on February 1, 2007. Since that time, Mr. Smith has been working with the new organization to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and information to the new owners. As the new company takes over and moves this manufacturing plant from its current location in Connecticut to Grand Rapids, Michigan, Mr. Smith’s assignment is coming to an end.

    I have enjoyed working with Mr. Smith and have great respect for his insight and abilities. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to fill a senior level operations position. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance.


    Wayne Korteweg
    Ultracell medical Technologies, Inc.
    183 Providence New Longon Turnpike
    North Stonington, CT 06359
    (860) 599-4883

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