3 Steps To Greater Customer Loyalty

The Latin phrase Semper Fi – short for Semper Fidelis – is well known to United States Marines and their families.  Semper Fi means “always faithful” or “always loyal”.  It has served as the Marine Corps motto since 1883.  On the Marine Corps emblem, an eagle holds a ribbon in its mouth inscribed with the words Semper Fidelis.  The words “always faithful” suggest that there is never a time when a Marine will not be faithful to his duty to country.

How Is Your Customer Loyalty?

When it comes to your customers, are you “always faithful”?  Do you, and your organization, strive to treat them as the important part of your business that they really are?  If you believe that you are, then pause for a moment and ask yourself, “What does the practical expression of that look like in the daily operations of my business?”  If not, here are three simple suggestions that you can begin using, right now, to create customer loyalty by taking customer service to the next level.

  1. If you want loyal customers, be a loyal supplier. Customer loyalty requires producing quality products and services, at reasonable prices, and delivering them on time, are the foundation that establishes you as someone who can be relied upon and who will never leave your patrons “high and dry”.
  2. Under-promise and over-deliver.  Always meet your promises and, even if it’s a small thing, give more than the customer asks for.  In practice, this doesn’t need to be complicated.  As an example, if you run a copy business and have a large order of materials that you are delivering, how about putting a small thank you note in with the delivery, one that expresses your gratitude for that company’s business?
  3. Become a source of referrals to your customers.  If the customers you serve are top notch – really good at what they do – tell others about them – and let your customer know that you talk about them wherever your go.  Doing so builds customer loyalty and, as their businesses grow, so will yours.

Why You Need Customer Loyalty

When thinking about customer loyalty, remember what Sam Walton said: The customer can fire everyone in your business, from the CEO on down, by simply not buying from you.  Always give your customers lots of reasons to continue doing business with you. Customer loyalty comes down to you, the business owner. Try these three tips today!

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