Discover and achieve your purpose in life

Discover your purpose

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How to discover and achieve your purpose in life

On this week’s show, I went solo and discussed how you can discover and achieve your purpose in life. Here are a few points we covered:

Show Notes

  • How do you determine if what you are doing is what you need to be doing to be successful?
  • When you focus on doing effective things first, you will accomplish more in less time.
  • One way to discover your purpose: ask yourself what you really like to do.
  • If you love it, are great at it, the world needs it & you can get paid for it, then you have your purpose!
  • To be effective, be intentional about what you are doing.
  • To achieve any goal ask, “what do I need to do now” to make it happen.
  • Be sure to track your goals to make sure you achieve them.

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Gary Smith on how to define and achieve your goals


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