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Join me at the Call to Destiny Summit April 25, 2015

Join me at the Call to Destiny Summit April 25, 2015 Last Saturday, on my radio show, I had Princess Bola Adelani as a guest. She is the Founder and President of Royal Proclamations, a organization that teaches time-proven life principles critical for joy and prosperity in the workplace and in daily living. One of […]

Princess Bola Adelani discusses your call to destiny

Princess Bola Adelani discusses your call to destiny I am honored to have had a Princess on my show today! In an inspirational show today, Princess Bola Adelani discusses your call to destiny. Her story is an adventurous one, having built up her company from scratch. She shared how God spoke to her saying that we […]

Scottie Nell Hughes on US foreign policy impact on business

Scottie Nell Hughes on US foreign policy impact on business Scottie Nell Hughes joined me on my show again today and we had a terrific discussion on how the US Foreign Policy is having an impact on business. She discussed examples of what could happen if things do not change, and she also discussed things […]

Jackie Smith on Selling as a Christian

Jackie Smith joins me to discuss selling as a Christian On today’s show Jackie Smith, the Intentional ChristianPrenuer joined me and we discussed selling as a Christian. Here are a few take aways: Focus on your client’s needs It’s a numbers game, so practice goal setting Have a consistent approach Be willing to engage with […]

Customer Conundrum Webinar with Ray Stendall

Join me for the Customer Conundrum Webinar I will have the pleasure of doing a webinar with Ray Stendall Tuesday March 24, 2015 at 2:30 pm ET. Our topic The Customer Conundrum Webinar will be related to my book, The Customer Conundrum and is about how to win customers and outsmart your competition. I invite […]

Overcoming being stuck with Myra Goldick

Overcoming being stuck Myra Goldick joined me on the Gary Smith Show today to discuss overcoming being stuck, or how to get “unstuck”. She explained how sometimes something unexpected can cause us to get stuck, but normally it comes from a series of events that we may not be tuned to that will eventually put […]

Soaring To Success

I don’t know about you, but I love watching birds. When the weather gets warm, I love to sit on my patio early in the morning drinking a robust cup of coffee and watch the birds go about their daily labors. Birds like robins and sparrows fly. They flit to and fro gathering food and […]

Emilie Shoop on Visibility

In this episode of the Gary Smith Show, I had Emilie Shoop on the show with me. Emilie works with her clients to get to know their unique businesses and what defines success for them. Once she has an idea of what makes them shine, she helps them build a voice for their leadership that […]

Making the Most of Your Business and Life

  I’ve always loved the final scene in the movie Patton. George C. Scott is walking in the Luxembourg countryside not far from his wartime headquarters. As he contemplates the Allied Forces victory over Germany, he utters the last four words of the film: “All glory is fleeting.” There is a practical application of these […]

5 Crucial Keys to Becoming a Great Leader

Dave Ramsey has coined an interesting phrase: Leaders pull, managers push Within the framework of your life and your business, are you a leader or a manager? You can figure this out by asking yourself a simple question: Am I the type of person who leads by serving others, and by being out in front […]