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Making the Most of Your Business and Life

  I’ve always loved the final scene in the movie Patton. George C. Scott is walking in the Luxembourg countryside not far from his wartime headquarters. As he contemplates the Allied Forces victory over Germany, he utters the last four words of the film: “All glory is fleeting.” There is a practical application of these […]

5 Crucial Keys to Becoming a Great Leader

Dave Ramsey has coined an interesting phrase: Leaders pull, managers push Within the framework of your life and your business, are you a leader or a manager? You can figure this out by asking yourself a simple question: Am I the type of person who leads by serving others, and by being out in front […]

3 Keys for Responding to the Grit in Life

I recently put the following post on a LinkedIn group: Unless you encounter some grit in life, you will never become a pearl. Grit irritates and aggravates. It pokes sharply at our souls until we coat it and surround it with caring — expressed in service to others. What are you willing to do to […]

Four Ways to be Happy & Productive

Are you doing what you love to do? Do you wake up each morning with an attitude of gratitude and expectancy? I posted these two questions on Twitter this morning as part of my daily interaction with the online universe. Part of what I try to do with many of my posts is to stimulate […]

Steve Gamlin discussing Vision Boards

Steve Gamlin discussing Vision Boards My guest today was professional speaker Steve Gamlin discussing vision boards. We had a great conversation about what to put on vision boards and how to use them. Steve says creating success becomes much easier when you know what it looks and feels like. Here are some take-aways from today’s show A vision […]

5 Suggestions For Dealing With Procrastination

Have you ever, even once in your life, procrastinated?  I am sure that virtually all of us will respond to this question by saying, “Duh!!  Of course I have!” It really isn’t a matter of “if” we procrastinate – it’s just a matter of “to what degree” we do it. So what causes one to […]

Productivity & Your Business: 4 Master Keys to Success

Let me ask you an important question: How much is the lack of the personal productivity of you and your employees costing your business? Sometimes it can be hard to quantify, but instinctively all of us know that unproductive people hurt our bottom lines, both directly and indirectly.  They do it directly by taking longer […]

Meridith Powell on winning in a trust and value economy

Meridith Powell on winning in a trust and value economy The Gary Smith Show, originally aired April 30, 2014 on WSDK 1550 As business owners, we have to be careful to protect our reputation. On his radio show, Gary Smith interviews Meridith Powell on winning in a trust and value economy. Listen to this podcast […]

Gary Smith’s Book Publicized

Fantastic to hear that Myra Goldick of Never Say impossible Radio mentioned my book The Shepherd and the Princess on her radio show. We can’t wait to have Myra back as a Special Guest on The Gary Smith Show.

Gary Smith Interview On Ask The Expert

Small Business CT recently hosted Gary Smith for a segment of Ask The Expert that allowed Gary to share some of his philosophies on succeeding in business. You can hear the full interview through a download here and we have laid out some highlights for you below. Why Sign Up For Ask The Expert Segment […]