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Productivity & Your Business: 4 Master Keys to Success

Let me ask you an important question: How much is the lack of the personal productivity of you and your employees costing your business? Sometimes it can be hard to quantify, but instinctively all of us know that unproductive people hurt our bottom lines, both directly and indirectly.  They do it directly by taking longer […]

Gary Smith’s Book Publicized

Fantastic to hear that Myra Goldick of Never Say impossible Radio mentioned my book The Shepherd and the Princess on her radio show. We can’t wait to have Myra back as a Special Guest on The Gary Smith Show.

Gary Smith Interview On Ask The Expert

Small Business CT recently hosted Gary Smith for a segment of Ask The Expert that allowed Gary to share some of his philosophies on succeeding in business. You can hear the full interview through a download here and we have laid out some highlights for you below. Why Sign Up For Ask The Expert Segment […]

Gary Smith’s Lifestyles Expo CT Experience

Hundreds of people stopped by the Optimum Performance Technologies (Optechs) booth during the 2013 Lifestyles Expo CT in Tolland, Connecticut. Gary Smith, President of Optechs, was able to share experiences with people passing by and he was excited share his wealth of knowledge with the public. What To Expect From The Lifestyles Expo CT More […]

The Gary Smith Show with special guest Sharifah Hardie

On the most recent update of The Gary Smith Show, special guest Sharifah Hardie offers an amazing show about how to succeed when you put your business online.

3 Keys for Effectively Pursuing Your Goals

Let’s face it – if we are all completely honest with ourselves, 95% of us would have to admit that, as business owners, we spend far more time in reaction mode and than we do proactively going for things. Strategies For Achieving Your Goals Years ago, I created a system that allows me to make […]

Giving And Receiving

You work hard in your vegetable garden and harvest an abundance of fresh produce. You fill a bag full of tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, and squash and knock on your neighbor’s door to share the bounty of your harvest. As you hand her the gift from your garden, she asks if she can pay you something. […]

5 Practical Steps For Drowning Your Problems

There’s an old saying that contains a great deal of wisdom: When problem solving, don’t just put out the fire – find the guy with the match! Another saying admonishes us to make sure that we solve problems completely. It simply says: Hold every problem under water until it drowns! Learning Effective Problem Solving Both […]

The Gary Smith Show – August 2, 2014

On the most recent update of The Gary Smith Show, Gary offers a comprehensive show dealing with personal finance. One of our best shows yet!

5 Ways to Stop Hurrying & Start Living

The country music band Alabama has a song about the pace of life that says: “I’m in a hurry to get things done.  Oh, I rush and I rush until life’s no fun.  All I really gotta do is live and die.  But I’m in a hurry and I don’t know why.” Finding Time To […]