Giver’s Gain Highlighted In Guest Blog

Gary Smith was selected for a guest blog on Pay Hub where he discussed the philosophy of Giver’s Gain, an idea that networking powerhouse BNI (Business Networkers International) and founder Ivan Misner developed. Smith explained his experience in his local Hartford, Connecticut BNI group and how it has allowed him to develop strong relationships with reputable business owners like himself. He said his primary focus is on helping his clients and he enjoys sharing that mentality with like-minded people.

Gary’s Use of Giver’s Gain At Optechs

Giver’s Gain uses a referral-based practice that motivates business owners to specify clients for one another frequently. As business professionals venture out and meet more business owners and managers they develop relationships and contacts. If the business owner they meet does not fit their needs they may know someone in their BNI group to whom they can refer the business. As the BNI group grows so does each business owner’s pool of contacts and referrals, and the more business you refer to other people the more likely they are to reciprocate.

Why Gary Abides By The Giver’s Gain Philosophy

As Owner and Founder of Optechs, Gary Smith knows that his personal reputation is on the line each time he refers a client to another service. As Business and Personal Coach his reputation is of the utmost importance, which was one factor that led him  to BNI because great referrals reflect well on his industry image. Gary said the motive of each BNI member plays a role in the amount of success they gain from the group.

Helping Others Brings Success Of Giver’s Gain

Gary Smith believes that pure desire to help others is the most successful way to approach Giver’s Gain, whether it be in your personal life or in your business relationships. Rather than having a ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude you must have a genuine reason to refer clients–because it is the right thing to do. He suggests that instead of focusing only on yourself and your business you must connect with your fellow owners, understand their struggles and successes and then help attract and refer the RIGHT type of client.

Giver’s Gain Is About More Than Money

Gary Smith says the Giver’s Gain mentality makes money a by-product of the service we render to the customers and markets we serve. When we put the needs and desires of others ahead of our own, and we sincerely strive to meet those needs and to provide the highest quality levels of products and services we can, then the money will be there. Giving and receiving is always a service that must be provided for effective Giver’s Gain.

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