Jackie Smith on Selling as a Christian

Jackie Smith joins me to discuss selling as a Christian

On today’s show Jackie Smith, the Intentional ChristianPrenuer joined me and we discussed selling as a Christian. Here are a few take aways:

  • Focus on your client’s needs
  • It’s a numbers game, so practice goal setting
  • Have a consistent approach
  • Be willing to engage with people even those who may not believe as you do
  • If you think you would be good in sales, can you handle the rejection?

Jackie came to Christ at the age of 25. Like most who first come to the Lord she wondered “God what do you want me to be doing in life?” After some time it became clear Jackie’s talent was “Sales”. So she asked God how she could serve Him while selling? God told her, she can serve where ever she is, doing what ever she does; just show Christ to those you comes in contact with by serving them with a “loving heart” and a “servant attitude”. So instead of thinking about what she wants or needs she learned to think about what is best for her clients. That change of mind and heart made her very successful in sales. People trust her and see she has a “servants heart”. In September 2014 she started a Christian business podcast where she interviews Christians who tell their testimony and share how they “keep God’s business in their business.” The podcast is available free on iTunes and is called: The Intentional Christian Preneur.

Connect with Jackie:

On her website: http://theintentionalchristianpreneur.com

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