Joel Louis on fatherhood and entrepreneurship

Joel LouisJoel Louis on fatherhood and entrepreneurship

On May 30, 2015 my guest and topic was the founder of Start-Up Dad Headquarters Joel Louis on fatherhood and entrepreneurship. Startup Dad HQ is a business interview show / podcast, focused on the intersection between The Evolution of Dads and Entrepreneurship.

Show Notes:

  • Tell our audience a little bit about your family and spiritual journey
  • You have started a business called Start Up Dad HQ.  Your tagline is “Exploring the intersection between fatherhood, entrepreneurship, and life.”  What’s the significance behind this and what is driving you?
  • We live in a society where we are all spread so thin — is it really possible for fathers to be the providers God has called us to be, and at the same time be, as you say, fully engaged in every aspect of our children’s lives?
  • “Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of the things that matter least — Wolfgang Van Goethe.  Is that another way of saying that we need to major on the majors and not the minors?  How do we do that?

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Listen to Joel Louis on fatherhood and entrepreneurship in this podcast. Listen via iTunes or click play on the Soundcloud player below.

Joel Louis on fatherhood and entrepreneurship on the Gary Smith Show

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About Joel Louis

Joel is a Fortune 100 Corporate Dad “gone rogue“! After nearly 14 years as a highly successful manager at IntelCorporation he decided enough was enough. It was time to stop working on someone else’s dream and start working on his own. It took him almost a year and a half of self-exploration and lots of sleepless nights to pinpoint his true passions but when the dust settled it was clear. He wanted to build a platform that focused on the extraordinary father’s of today who are fully engaged in every aspect of their children’s lives and have also managed to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship in order to leave a legacy behind. 

On Father’s Day 2014, Joel launched Startup Dad HQ, a business interview show /podcast focused on the intersection between the evolution of dads and entrepreneurship. Each interview takes us through the journey of his guests. They share their failures, bumps and bruises and their rise to the top as they navigated through the complexities of fatherhood, entrepreneurship and life. Startup Dad HQ also features webinars and live interactive workshops with content experts in all areas of Fatherhood and Entrepreneurship. The vision at Startup Dad HQ is to inspire and enable one small business launch every single day by fathers all over the world. 

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