Building A Godly Business – Part 8

From a practical perspective, is it possible for any business to adhere to 100% of local, county, state, federal, and international laws 100% of the time? No, it’s not. However, each one of us must examine our core values and convictions when it comes to legal matters and administrative matters.

Take a few minutes and think about the following questions concerning your business’ legal matters:

  1. Is your business legal? Do you meet all of the filing and recording requirements based on your business structure?
  2. If you have a brick and mortar establishment, are you adhering to building codes, fire codes, OSHA regulations, etc.?
  3. Do you have the professional credentials, licenses, and permits to properly and legally conduct your business?
  4. Do you report 100% of your business income, or do you take payments under the table?
  5. Are you honest when it comes to filing the required taxes and payments?
  6. Are all of your employees legal? If they come from other countries, do they have the necessary papers to work in the United States?
  7. Are you aware of your legal rights in all situations?
  8. Even if your competitors choose to play by different rules, are you above reproach?

Why Your Legal Matters Hold Weight

Think long and hard about these questions – especially the last one. Being a Christian businessperson requires that you do all that you can to operate your organization with both honesty and integrity in all legal matters. Years of experience have taught me that those who honor God with their businesses will, in turn, be blessed by God.


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