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Client Testimonial – Mary Ann Santacroce

For the first 18 years of my career I practiced law in larger firms with all kinds of support staff. Ten years ago I decided to go solo so that I could have more flexibility and time to spend with my young daughter. Everything was going along well until my schedule got really crazy with my daughter’s premier soccer schedule. I felt like I was barely treading water. The “client work” was done, but administratively I couldn’t keep up. I couldn’t see my desk top, and it wasn’t fun to be in the office anymore. My email in-box had hundreds of old messages. I wasn’t using available resources efficiently.I started to think that maybe I needed to bite the bullet and return to a firm setting, but the thought of it just didn’t sit right.

A year ago I made the BEST business decision of the past 10 years. I reached out to Gary for help. Gary first met with me and learned about the different aspects of my legal practice, the accounting and practice management software and programs that I use, and everything from the process that I use to open files and the methodologies that I use to handle different types of matters, to file retention for closed matters.

Gary then helped me develop more streamlined systems so that I could operate more efficiently going forward while at the same time systematically “cleaning up the old mess”. It’s been a year and I still actually have a clean desk! My e-mail box is under control. The best part is that the new systems fit with the technology that I already had in place and were tailored to work with my personality. Gary didn’t just say “here’s a cookie cutter and this is how you use it”. He asked lots of questions about why I did things the way that I did and then made suggestions that were personally suited to me and as a result would actually work for me!

With the day to day stuff in a much saner place, Gary turned my attention to working on a business plan for the following year. Again, Gary asked probing questions about my business and professional goals as well as my personal goals. He helped me develop a realistic plan that took my personal life into consideration. Goals weren’t just developed. Specific action steps for each goal were developed along with timelines for taking action, all of which were put into my diary system to help keep me on track. Gary made me realize how important it is to see my Business Plan not just as a document that you put together and stick in the drawer. I learned that a good Business Plan is a dynamic action statement that is meant to be worked throughout the year and yes even subject to change. As we get close to the end of the year, I am amazed to see how much was accomplished and actually look forward to developing my plan for next year.

Gary has become the business partner that I need to keep me going in the direction that I want to go in!

— Mary Ann Santacroce
Attorney at Law

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