Michele Cushatt on keys to embrace your struggle

Michele Cushatt on keys to embrace your struggle

Today’s conversation is with author Michele Cushatt.  

Michele CushattMichele’s timeless book, Undone: A Story of Making Peace with an Unexpected Life, takes us on a 2-year journey where she comes to the end of herself. Where she eventually discovers that complicated can be beautiful, joy can replace fear, and the unexpected is really an invitation for adventure. Her memoir chronicles a journey through cancer as well as unexpected turns in motherhood and marriage. Yet, this book is not just about the author. Michele’s story is our own. A story of unexpected twists and turns in a messy life and the faithfulness of a sovereign and loving God.

Show Notes

  • Maybe the best place to start is to have you talk a bit about your life, your experiences, and what led you to write Undone.
  • How can we learn to not just embrace, but to cherish, our life’s process and use it as a way to allow God to make us better characters in our own stories?
  • How do we get the church to awaken and start being the hospital for the spiritually, emotionally, and physically sick that it needs and was called to be?

Other Take-Aways from Michele

  • Having imperfections & flaws are great opportunities for connections with other people
  • The only way to become the person God wants you to be is to embrace your struggle
  • We need to be invested but not attached to this life

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Gary speaks with Michele Cushatt on keys to embrace your struggle.


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About Michele

A storyteller at heart, Michele Cushatt inspires audiences with the warmth of her transparency and presence. Her unique style makes you feel like you just spent an afternoon with a good friend, sparking tears one moment and laughter the next. Having experienced both the best and worst of life, she’s unafraid to disclose her imperfect spaces, so that you know you’re not alone in yours.

Since 2007, Michele has been on staff with Dynamic Communicators International, led by Ken Davis. She fills multiple roles at these events including emcee, presenter and coach. With a solid understanding of what makes for excellent communication, Michele has coached multiple large-platform speakers in how to craft and deliver powerful presentations.

Michele and the love of her life, Troy, live in Colorado with their six children, ages 7 to 22. She enjoys a good novel, a long run, sleeping in the sun, and a kitchen table filled with people.


Connect with Michele on her website at http://michelecushatt.com or on social media:

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