Computers can be programmed to multitask.  While computers multitask efficiently, research has cast doubts on man’s ability to do more than one thing effectively at a time.  In fact, one kind of multitasking is becoming increasingly illegal — talking or texting on cell phones while driving.  The decision not to multitask when life is threatened is not a hard decision to make.

We should apply the same caution to others areas of our lives.  As a businessman and consultant, I deal with multiple clients and situations, so I have to keep numerous balls in the air at the same time.  However, managing multiple situations and multitasking are greatly different things.  In my work, I have to be able to quickly switch gears (and projects) in my mind whenever the phone rings, but I have learned that I can only effectively and efficiently focus on one project at a time.  As a result, the desk in my office is always completely clear except for the current project I am focused on.  By doing this, my customers benefit in several ways:

1.  They always have the benefit of my undivided attention.  When I am working on a project for you that is ALL that I am working on.

2.  Because I am focused only on your project, the results are always better and of much higher quality because my thinking is not diluted by other distractions.  I have even gone to the extent of locating my office in a very isolated part of my house (fondly called the “man cave”), and I often allow the answering machine to take messages during times when I need to concentrate intensely.

3.  The high quality products that I always produce for clients are done so at the minimum possible cost, thereby producing higher value and returns.

As a result of these things, I am able to accomplish more than most other people in my field because I am ultimately more productive and can handle work from more clients in the same time frame.

What about you?  Have you developed a system for working that allows you to achieve maximum productivity and high quality results, all while minimizing costs?  If not, contact us now.  We can help you develop and implement a system to ratchet up your overall effectiveness.

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