Many thanks to my dear friend and brother in Christ, Drew Crandall, for allowing me to use and expand on materials that he developed for educating Christian business people.  Drew has a heart for Godly service like few business people I have ever encountered, and he has had a profound impact on my business, my.. read more →

Governor John Rowland chats with Gary about his new book, The Shepherd and the Princess. They take calls and help people with their personal and business problems and questions. read more →

21 Apr 2014
April 21, 2014

Creating A Culture Of Innovation

Do you have a culture of innovation in your organization?  Do you feel it is something that is necessary for the future success of your company?  Not many companies are looking to create more innovation in their ranks.  Why?  One would assume because either (a) they do not feel that more innovation is required or.. read more →

14 Apr 2014
April 14, 2014

Creating Your Business Certainty

According to a recent article published by BMGI consulting, the number one problem faced by businesses today is that of UNCERTAINTY.  Here is a quote from that article: “All human beings, but it seems business leaders in particular, find great discomfort in uncertainty. Uncertainty in the global economy, uncertainty in the credit markets, uncertainty in.. read more →

Ever thought about starting your own business?  As a business consultant, I have lots of conversations with people who are thinking about starting a business.  Most of the time, a few questions reveal that they haven’t really thought through the process in enough depth to make a quality decision, yet many of them are determined.. read more →

31 Mar 2014
March 31, 2014

Six Keys To Organizational Success

As a business consultant, I am constantly and consistently talking with business leaders about the success of their organizations.  Many are focused on their key metrics (Key Performance Indicators) like sales revenue, quality, on-time delivery, and profitability.  Don’t get me wrong – having KPIs is crucial and needed in every business.  But the question I.. read more →

I will be the speaker at the BNI Southington Chapter Visitor’s Day on Tuesday April 1, 2014. I invite you to join us and see if our group is fit for your business. To learn more about BNI you can visit the chapters website: CLICK HERE read more →

I was interviewed recently by the producer of a TV series on business development.  Marti Glass of Enterprises TV called me to talk about productivity and efficiency improvements in business.  In particular, she wanted to discuss why so many organizations are not able to achieve the improvements that they, in many cases, so desperately need… read more →

In the area of business coaching, I spend a great deal of time on leadership development.  I find it absolutely amazing the number of people who have been placed in charge of large portions of business operations, but who have not been equipped with sufficient leadership skills to effectively pull it off.  As a result,.. read more →

12 Mar 2014
March 12, 2014

Marketplace Value

Being effective as a business consultant requires that one be good at asking question that are relevant to the situation. One universal question I often ask to get people thinking about their business is: Do you agree that we get paid for the value we bring to the marketplace? Everyone I ask always either says.. read more →

03 Mar 2014
March 3, 2014

Givers Gain

I belong to a local networking group called BNI (Business Networkers International). Our local chapter is a great group of business people who are intently focused on serving their customers and making sure that they have the opportunity to do business with other reputable business people. The philosophy of BNI is that “Givers Gain.” What.. read more →

I come from a background of 25+ years as a senior business leader within a wide range of companies – from small start-ups to some of the world’s most prestigious and profitable organizations. Having worked as a business consultant for the past 16 years, it never ceases to amaze me just how many untapped resources.. read more →

Problem Solvers Successful business consultants and coaches are problem solvers. That’s what they are hired to do – identify and solve problems. But how do they do it? What enables great consultants, and business and personal coaches, to be so adept at what they do when it comes to getting to and eliminating the root.. read more →

09 Feb 2014
February 9, 2014

Developing Your Leadership Abilities

Because of my background in executive coaching and business consulting, I am often asked to speak to groups on subjects relating to leadership and business development.  In a recent talk that I gave, I made the following comments: “If you don’t know what you want your life to be about, that means that you don’t.. read more →

Introduction As a business consultant, I often counsel owners and senior managers on the pros, cons, effects, and challenges of various organizational structures. What follows is a briefing regarding divisional corporate structure. A number of organizational structures are available to modern corporations. The structure of any organization determines the allocation of responsibilities for various function.. read more →

Differentiating Your Business for Growth and Profitability Technological advancements create an increasingly competitive global environment as companies seek to offer their goods and services to the world. In order to expand into new markets and capture additional business, they must develop and implement strategies that create competitive advantages in the markets they serve. As a.. read more →

Introduction As a business and management consultant, I have been involved in the creation of many Key Performance Indicators. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be beneficial tools for resolving issues, staying focused on critical goals, and driving your business in the right direction. Several concepts that must be clearly understood, communicated, and implemented to ensure.. read more →

Five Steps to Achieving Work-Life Balance Last year, I began working with a very bright woman to help her start a home-based business. Her husband, a successful salesman, had seen his income reduced due to changes in the economy and she needed to do something to help supplement their finances. She is a very hardworking.. read more →

06 Jan 2014
January 6, 2014

Why Economics Is A Moral Issue

Economics: A Moral Issue That Demands Our Understanding & Our Action As we look at what is going on currently in our anemic economy – and as we wonder what 2014 holds – consider the following: Those currently in control on Washington are advancing a liberal, or what they like to call a progressive agenda… read more →

30 Dec 2013
December 30, 2013

Trust But Verify

I believe, but am not absolutely certain, that President Ronald Reagan coined the phrase that is the title of this article.  If I am incorrect, I do apologize and hope that one of my readers will be kind enough to give me the name of the individual to whom this quote belongs. The issue with.. read more →