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Are you overwhelmed?
Wasting a lot of time?

Are you frustrated with yourself at the end of each day because you didn’t get anything done that day?

We can fix such problems. As a firm offering business coaching, we hear lots of complaints like this from new clients. In every case, we help them turn their business life around if they are willing to make changes.

As you will see below, the solutions vary from client to client, but one factor holds true for all of them. If they’re willing to make the changes we suggest, things get better. If they resist making the changes we suggest, they make little-or-no progress.

Client Testimonial

“Gary helped me develop more streamlined systems so that I could operate more efficiently going forward while at the same time systematically ‘cleaning up the old mess’. It’s been a year and I still actually have a clean desk! My e-mail box is under control. The best part is that the new systems fit with the technology that I already had in place and were tailored to work with my personality.

“As we get close to the end of the year, I am amazed to see how much was accomplished and actually look forward to developing my plan for next year.” (read entire testimonial)
Mary Ann Santacroce
Attorney at Law

How we helped Mary Ann to stop wasting time

I had coffee with Mary Ann one day, and we ended up talking about what I do. She told me, “I’m struggling with personal organization. I’m overwhelmed with stuff, and I’m wasting a lot of time. I have a system that I use in my office, a software package that I use to track things, but I’m overwhelmed by my inability to manage my email. On top of that, I’ve got all of these folders that represent all of the jobs that I’m either working on or have worked on that haven’t been filed yet. I’ve got piles of paper everywhere. I’m overwhelmed with how to deal with it, and I need to get it under control.”

We streamlined her paperwork and her email handling system. We got her away from doing grunt work that she shouldn’t be doing by engaging an assistant to do it for her instead. When we started working together in late 2013, she set her income goals, ongoing education goals and pro bono goals for 2014. By November 2014 she was on target to hit or exceed those goals for the year because she’s been able to streamline things and keep things on track.

She’s also increased her billables for the year by between 100 and 150 billable hours! And she’s much happier than she was before.

How we helped Suzanne get organized

Suzanne (not her real name) ran her own office, but she was in the process of closing her office and becoming a partner in another firm. She told me, “I’m in transition. I’m extremely disorganized with everything. I need somebody to come in and help me organize.”

Pretty quickly, I realized that part of the problem was her assistant, Terry (also not her real name), who struggled with organizing and prioritizing things. While she wanted to do a good job, she wasn’t motivated to make changes, and she really didn’t have the aptitude for the job.

The other part of Suzanne’s problem was that she didn’t know her answer to the question, “What do I want to do with my life?” We helped Suzanne achieve clarity with where she is and got a mission statement in place for her.

Suzanne’s email was out of control, so we helped her take steps to reduce her email load from a total of 3,500 to less than 100 per day.

We also helped Suzanne make a lot of progress with her time management, and we continue to work with her to help her get even better at it.

Finally, we urged her to let Terry go, because she really wasn’t doing a good enough job to justify her pay. Terry has since moved on to other endeavors.

Client Testimonial

“Thanks for the work you did with our team to resolve inter-disciplinary issues. In a few short sessions you were able to help us define the concerns, determine our approach, and resolve cross-departmental points of tension. Our team felt comfortable and confident as you led us through the discussions. Your style set the participants at ease and sent us away with clear objectives to achieve. Your questions led us to take the critical steps to reach our desired goals. We look forward to working with you in the future.”
Ron Dischinger, President/CEO, Elim Park Baptist Home

How we help Fred stay on track each and every day

Fred (not his real name) is the personification of the guy who jumps on his horse and attempts to ride in all directions at once. He not only suffers from severe organizational problems, but he also suffers from ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

The key to Fred’s problem is focus.

He told me, “My life is a mess. I get up in the morning. I have no idea where I’m going, what I’m doing, what I should be doing, or what I should be focused on next. So I try to do all of these things, and at the end of the day, I’m pissed off at myself because I didn’t get anything done.”

With Fred, my solution was that every day we get on the phone with him first thing in the morning to establish important daily habits to keep him on track and productive. Of all the people we work with, we’re toughest on him, because he needs the most merciless habit-making training.

The habit training has paid off. Fred has made significant process in terms of following the daily methodology we’ve helped him to establish, and he’s now a happier guy.

Client Testimonial

“My name is Thomas McMillan. I want to take a few minutes to tell you about a friend of mine who has really been helping me out with my business. His name is Gary Smith.

“I’m in the sales and marketing business, in the insurance profession for about 15 years now.

“It’s been great getting to know Gary and getting to use him. He’s a great business coach.

“One of the things that Gary has done for me is that he has given me tremendous clarity and direction. He has been a tremendous resource for me to bounce ideas off of and really get some clarity about what I need to do and where I need to go with my business.

“As highly as I can recommend someone, I recommend Gary very highly. He is a great person, does a great job of listening, and he is a great resource for ideas and direction.

“Give Gary a call. Take advantage of what he has, and I’m sure you’ll be blessed by it.”
Thomas McMillan, President, McMillan Associates

We became Tom’s sounding board

I had lunch with Tom one day, and he told me, “I need your help. I’m one of the top AFLAC insurance agents in Connecticut. I’ve reached a point with the AFLAC business where I can’t go any further. The next step up for me is to go into AFLAC management, but I’m not interested in doing that.

“I’m thinking about adding onto the business that I have by offering other types of financial products. I really need someone as a sounding board to run ideas by, to get some input, to answer questions like:

  • Does my thought process make sense?
  • How do I go about doing this?
  • What are the pitfalls?
  • If you were in my shoes, what would you do?”

Tom started pulling himself back from his AFLAC business, but the business generation levels fell off. It turned out that the people he hired to do things for him weren’t sufficiently trained. He needed to spend more time and care selecting and training the right people to help him do the job.

We helped him to do that.

We also gave Tom some assistance in getting himself in front of more teachers in a local school system he had previously failed to infiltrate with his message.

George’s problem was tracking

George (not his real name) is a marketing guy for a law firm. He gets out to meet prospects for the firm, identifies needs, and develops relationships with these potential clients.

He told me, “I just don’t feel like I’m being effective at what I’m doing. I don’t really have a way to measure progress. I have all of these lists of contacts, but I don’t know where to begin. Who should I talk to first? I don’t have a tracking system, to manage myself through the process. So if I call someone, it’s like, ‘I can’t talk with you now. Why don’t you call me back in three months?’ I don’t have the ability to effectively do that so I know that three months from now I’ll remember to call someone back.”

Client Testimonial

“Gary has clear insight and provides innovative solutions to help solve problems. Others always stop and listen when Gary speaks, because he often offers new and innovative thoughts on how to best approach issues. Gary also brings the often left out human element to conversations.”
Newt Schoenly, President, Charter Oak Service Corp.

We developed tracking systems and metrics to measure George’s effectiveness that were customized to fit his way of doing things. We created a simple tracking spreadsheet to track his customers, follow his communication with them, and then track them through to passing the prospect off to one of the attorneys in the office for closing the business.

We started measuring his closing percentage and how much business that represented to the firm in dollars. The firm wants him to bring in $750,000 in additional business per year. We helped him evaluate the kinds of clients to go after, what he does right to bring them in, what changes he needed to make in his messages to them, and how those messages need to differ for different types of people.

As a result, George is currently on target to reach his $750,000 sales goal for the year.

Can we help you?

Absolutely yes, if you’re willing to make the changes we suggest. In fact, we guarantee success. We’ll start with a free initial consultation phone call, where we’ll begin to make our recommendations. You’ll know right away whether what we suggest will work for you.

Client Testimonial

“Upon working with Gary, it became obvious that he is extremely insightful. He not only has the ability to identify problem areas with relative ease, but he can also offer real world advice in terms the receiver understands. Even when that information is not what one may want to hear, his delivery comes from the heart and with such a high level of respect that you can’t help but know he is genuinely there to guide you through the rough times. I have learned a considerable amount from Gary in a very short period of time, and I can’t help but feel I am in a much better place because of him. He has taken what seemed to be an insurmountable task and turned it into one of ease for me. For that I thank him.”
Lori Kuklinski, PMP

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is as simple and straightforward as it gets: Once the scope of your project is defined, we deliver what we promise – or it’s FREE!! That means that there is absolutely no risk to you or your organization.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t continue to suffer. Call us right now at [ccontact]. There’s no risk, and you have no obligation by calling us. Just talk with us and listen to what we have to suggest to address your particular, individual situation.

Business coaching is focused on working with business leaders (owners and managers), as well as groups of their employees, to impart knowledge and skills related to their daily work and the success of the business. Our coaching can include anything from a simple one-off training session, to a complete needs analysis followed by multi-day training sessions. Optechs offers business coaching in the following areas:

  • Business planning
  • Mission and vision statement development
  • Strategic planning
  • Problem solving
  • Leadership development
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict resolution

With our broad base of knowledge and experience, we can also address many other organizational needs.

Personal coaching is focused on individual, one-on-one coaching for both personal development and achievement. We meet with clients, either in person or via video conference and build a relationship with them. Our goal is to find out where they are on their current life path and where they want to be in the future. We help them develop a dream and work with them to design a plan for the life they want to live. We explore their strengths and weaknesses and develop a list of skills that need to be acquired or strengthened to accomplish the plan they have created. We then boil everything down into a step-by-step plan for the achievement of their dreams. In this process, we address goal setting, organization, and management of information. We mentor and become accountability partners with our clients until they are well on the road to success and have established their own master-mind groups.


Business CoachingPersonal Coaching

No matter what one is trying to accomplish in life, people and relationships are at the core of it. A business leader cannot achieve the goals he sets for his company without solid, qualified, driven people in his organization. Similarly, individuals cannot effectively pursue their personal goals without someone to help mentor them and hold them accountable.

At Optechs, we work closely with both individuals and businesses to help them achieve more and reach levels of optimized performance.

Our personal and business coaching programs work! Contact us for a free needs assessment.

Wishing that things will get better isn’t going to cut it –
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