Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching:

Optech Mentoring

Optechs Mentoring

Is focused on individual, one-on-one coaching for both personal development and achievement.  We meet with clients, either in person or via video conference and build a relationship with them.  Our goal is to find out where they are on their current life path and where they want to be in the future.  We help them develop a dream and work with them to design a plan for the life they want to live.  We explore their strengths and weaknesses and develop a list of skills that need to be acquired or strengthened to accomplish the plan they have created.  We then boil everything down into a step-by-step plan for the achievement of their dreams.  In this process, we address goal setting, organization, and management of information.  We mentor and become accountability partners with our clients until they are well on the road to success and have established their own master-mind groups.

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