Princess Bola Adelani discusses your call to destiny

Princess Bola Adelani

Princess Bola Adelani discusses your call to destiny

I am honored to have had a Princess on my show today! In an inspirational show today, Princess Bola Adelani discusses your call to destiny. Her story is an adventurous one, having built up her company from scratch. She shared how God spoke to her saying that we should stop playing church and start being the Church. Here are some takeaways from the show:

  • My Faith plays a major role in my success 
  • Yes, ONE person CAN change the world. Jesus did and YOU can too with God
  • Even leveraging technology, money is still needed to drive the Kingdom forward 

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About Princess Bola Adelani

Princess Bola is an award-winning entrepreneur, a television personality, and a honors graduate with a law degree from England’s University of Buckingham. After a 10 year career in corporate law, Princess Bola chose to put aside her legal career to pursue her passion: Motivating people to gain the knowledge, power, and skills to pursue their passions, live their dreams, and realize their fullest potential. As a result, she founded Royal Proclamations a corporate training, coaching, speaking and consulting practice, which inspires thousands of men and women to greater personal and business fulfillment.

People often ask Bola if she is a real Princess. Indeed, she is an authentic and true princess. Her paternal grandfather was crown-prince of Owu-Ikija, Ijebu tribe, in Nigeria’s Southwestern state of Ogun. Her uncle, her father’s younger brother, is the current king of the town.


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