Productivity & Your Business: 4 Master Keys to Success

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Let me ask you an important question: How much is the lack of the personal productivity of you and your employees costing your business?

Sometimes it can be hard to quantify, but instinctively all of us know that unproductive people hurt our bottom lines, both directly and indirectly.  They do it directly by taking longer to do tasks, thereby increasing the labor cost of products and services and reducing profits.  They do it indirectly by causing shipments to be late, and that can cause disgruntled customers who never return to do business with us again.

It is perfectly logical that making an investment in personal productivity in the work environment can pay huge dividends – BUT HOW DO WE PRACTICALLY ACCOMPLISH THIS?

Here are some suggestions that will help you navigate the personal productivity waters.

  • Hire a professional.  Just as doctors specialize in various areas of medicine, there are those of us whose major focus is on improving personal and business productivity.  Our observation skills and abilities to formulate effective action plans far transcend the capabilities of the average individual, and the investment made can pay huge dividends.
  • Communicate.  Your employees need to know where they fit in.  Have you taken the time to make them aware of where they fit – how what they do contributes to the organization and to satisfied customers?  And have you done so in a way that really personalizes it for each employee?
  • Listen, Act, and Give Credit.  Improving productivity has a lot to do with understanding what people do, how they do it, and more importantly, why they do it the way they do.  Listening involves getting to this level of understanding, but it also involves asking for input on how things can be done better – and then listening – really listening – to the feedback.  But listening is not enough.  Good ideas need to be acted upon and implemented as soon as possible.  And finally, the recognition – the credit – needs to go back to the person who authored the idea.  Failing to do this last step practically guarantees that you’ll never get another good idea from an employee.
  • Share.  Consider running an open-book business.  Have monthly communications meetings with your employees, during which you talk about the state of the business.  Be honest in asking for their help and ideas to be able to improve quality, reduce costs, and shorten deliveries.  Tell them about your competition and the challenges you are facing in the marketplace.  You’ll be very pleasantly surprised to see just how intelligent and resourceful your employees can be.

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