Reaching Your Highest Potential

One of my jobs as a business and personal coach is to equip people with the skills to reach their potential and set them firmly on the road to making their dreams come true.  As part of that journey, all of my coaching clients learn one very positive message and that is:

Reaching your highest potential is tied to you helping others reach their highest potential.

One lesson that every truly successful person I know has learned is the need, the desire, to pay it forward in service to others.  This not only helps other people succeed as they reach for and achieve their dreams – it sets the stage for passing the baton of success to many others.  As a successful person, if you take the time and invest yourself in passing the baton to 10 others – and those 10 each pass the baton to 10 others – and so on – you, as one individual, have the ability to influence literally thousands of lives for good!

So how can you positively impact lives and help others reach for their dreams?  Here are some suggestions:

  • Look for opportunities.  Opportunities to serve others are all around us, but we have to take the time and open our eyes to see them.  That means that we have to engage those around us and find out what dreams they are reaching for and what challenges they are facing.
  • Make time to invest in others.  We all live crazy lives that are full of demands and tons of activities.  Having said that, we can never be too busy to help others in need.  Sometimes, the very act of reaching out is enough to ignite the spark that will drive someone forward – that will help them get victory over their circumstances.
  • Share your knowledge and experience freely.  Don’t hold back.  Once you’ve engaged with someone who wants to learn – who is serious about achieving his dream – give him what he needs.  Become teacher and mentor, openly sharing your experience from the heart.
  • Be grateful and have an attitude of service.  Be deeply appreciative of what you know, and more importantly, for those who have taught and mentored you in your journey.  Use your gratitude to cultivate a deep desire to humbly serve others and help them get to where you are.

Look – invest – share – serve…four key words to guide you toward reaching your highest potential.

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