Scottie Nell Hughes on US foreign policy impact on business

Scottie Nell Hughes on US foreign policy impact on business

Scottie HughsScottie Nell Hughes joined me on my show again today and we had a terrific discussion on how the US Foreign Policy is having an impact on business. She discussed examples of what could happen if things do not change, and she also discussed things you can do to help change things for the better. Here are a few points she touched on:

  • Thanks to technology all Countries of the world are on an interconnected system
  • Look at Greece for what can happen to us if we become a truly entitled nation.
  • Raising minimum wage in Washington State is driving businesses to move out.
  • If they continue to raise gas prices the auto industry go back into recession.
  • Americans need to become informed and engaged and they need to care.
  • We don’t need to take bail outs from foreign Country’s. Our Country was built on personal responsibility.

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About Scottie Nell Hughes

Prior to stepping in front of the camera just over a year ago, Scottie Nell Hughes, established her conservative foundation in the talk radio media. Having started at the very beginning as the executive producer of the Steve Gill Show in Nashville, TN, Scottie used her early years in radio to learn every element of a successful talk radio program. She eventually accepted roles with several nationally syndicated talk shows like the Rusty Humphries Show, The Michael Berry Show, The Mark Skoda Show and many others. Her stories include on the street interview packages to entertaining yet revealing interviews with some of the most notorious names in both politics and Hollywood. Scottie Nell has also appeared numerous times on The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity, Fox and Friends, America’s Newsroom, among many others.

A Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of Tennessee at Martin with a broadcast communications/ political science degree, Scottie realized her calling for a life in political journalism at the young age of 12 with her first reporting job as a Kids to Kids Reporter for WKRN-ABC Nashville. She went on to win the top High School Broadcaster Award for the state of Tennessee and the Broadcaster of the year for her college class 3 years in a row.

Scottie Nell Hughes currently serves as the News Director for the Tea Party News Network.


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