Speaking and Training


Speaking and Training

Our desire to help others achieve more and live happier, more successful lives has driven us to use our consulting and coaching knowledge and experience to reach greater numbers of people. In order to accomplish this goal, we offer training seminars and webinars and are available to do keynote speaking.

Optech Speaking and Training

Optechs Speaking and Training


Gary Smith, our founder and president, is an experienced professional and keynote speaker. He enjoys speaking to and interacting with audiences of all sizes. Gary addresses a wide range of topics, including but not limited to: business and the economy, organizational optimization, continuous process improvement, management and leadership, setting and achieving life goals, personal development and life success, and a host of motivational subjects.

Typical topics include:

  •  Goal setting and achievement
  •  Organizing your self for peak performance
  •  Time management
  •  Managing information overload
  •  Mentorship and accountability partnering
  •  Business and the economy
  •  Building a winning team
  •  Delighting your customers
  •  Mission, vision, and core values
  •  Living a balance, harmonious life

Gary creates speeches based on the needs of the organization, the target audience, and the length of the presentation. His approach is always insightful as he entertains, educates, and empowers his audiences.

Gary believes in paying it forward. He is available to speak to civic and religious organizations without any compensation.


Training is one of our core competencies. We conduct regular training sessions as both seminars and webinars. Each session is customized to meet the needs of our customer and is presented in a format most conducive to maximum learning, retention, and application. Seminars vary in length, ranging from several hours to several days. Depending on the topic and content, seminars may include practical application exercises and breakout session assignments. Regular follow-up and access to learning materials and resources is provided as part of the training package.

As with speaking, we cover a variety of both business and personal development topics, and have the ability to deliver programs that will meet your most exacting needs. You will be delighted with the depth and breadth of information in our seminars, and you will be most pleased with the high quality with which the materials are presented.

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