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Gary Smith’s Book Publicized

Fantastic to hear that Myra Goldick of Never Say impossible Radio mentioned my book The Shepherd and the Princess on her radio show. We can’t wait to have Myra back as a Special Guest on The Gary Smith Show.

Gary Smith Interviewed By ‘Never Say Impossible’ Radio

Gary Smith, Founder of Optimum Performance Technologies, was recently interviewed by Never Say Impossible Radio to discuss his business strategies, his time spent as a business and personal coach and much more. The interview, titled “Is Your Business At A Standstill?” lets Smith delve into what has helped him become a successful business man, which comes with a ‘seasoned veteran’ point of view.

Why They Chose Gary Smith

According to an excerpt from www.myragoldick.com, who hosts the show, Smith was able to provide insight to those who have yet to see some portions of business due to the size of their company. This allows them to keep from making common mistakes and to take advantage of someone else’s expertise and knowledge. It highly increases the chances of growing at triple digits in the same amount of time.

Why A Business Coach Is Beneficial

Choosing the right coach can be a daunting task. There are lots of questions to ask yourself and your potential coach. For example, are you the type of person who needs hands on one-on-one coaching, or is group coaching better for you with the input of the leader as well as your fellow students?  Do you need eye to eye contact, or is working on the phone a better option for you? Those are just a few of the things Gary Smith was able to discuss in his interview with Myra Goldick.

Gary Smith’s Approach To Business Coaching

Gary Smith takes a focused approach to his business coaching. He works with business leaders (owners and managers), as well as groups of their employees, to impart knowledge and skills related to their daily work and the success of the business. The coaching can include anything from a simple one-off training session, to a complete needs analysis followed by multi-day training sessions. Optechs offers business coaching in the following areas:

• Business planning
• Mission and vision statement development
• Strategic planning
• Problem solving
Leadership development
• Communication skills
• Conflict resolution

Get Inside The Mind Of Gary Smith

You can hear the full interview from Never Say Impossible Radio here and check more about Gary Smith at Optimum Performance Technologies.