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Optimum Performance Technologies Announces Release of Exciting New Book

SOUTHINGTON, Conn. — In June of 2013, Smith published his first book and companion CD entitled,
The Shepherd and the Princess: 7 Keys to Conquering the Goliaths in Your Life. The book, based on a
2,000 year old Bible story, is about learning to dream and then systematically removing the barriers
between you and the life you’ve always wanted to create. This ancient story is full of true gems and
“nuggets of gold” that will propel readers toward the attainment of their deepest desires!

Smith has just released his second book, Achieving Unusual Greatness: Timeless Lesson from the Trail
Already Blazed. A collection of Smith’s writings on business and personal development, the book deals
with a wide spectrum of subjects that enable business owners and individuals to identify and solve some of
life’s most pressing challenges.

Both books are available in print from Lulu, and in the Kindle format from Amazon. The CD is available in
both hardcopy and mp3 format at optechs.com.

Founded in 1998 by successful businessman and entrepreneur Gary L. Smith, Optimum Performance
Technologies, LLC (Optechs) serves clients around the world with cutting edge consulting, coaching,
training, and professional speaking technologies. The Optechs Model, a cornerstone of the company, has
helped many businesses and individuals reach new levels of success by creating a unique, integrated
understanding of the elements critical for business and personal achievement.

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