Client Testimonials

The following are some comments from our clients.

“Thanks for the work you did with our team to resolve intr-disciplinary issues. In a few short sessions you were able to help us define the concerns, determine our approach, and resolve cross-departmental points of tension. Our team felt comfortable and confident as you lead us through the discussions. Your style set the participants at ease, and sent us away with a clear objective to achieve. Your questions led us to take the critical steps to reach our desired goals. We look forward to working with you in the future.”

Ron Dischinger
President/CEO, Elim Park Baptist Home

“If you haven’t had an opportunity to entertain Gary Smith as a business liaison, associate, partner or a friend yet, please don’t miss the opportunity. There is a real “blessing” in personal and professional interaction with a man of Gary’s esteem. I find him to be caring, compassionate, focused and prayerful for the needs of others. At a special time in my life journey Gary sent me a small but powerful book entitled “The Prayer of Jabez – Breaking Through to the Blessed Life”, by Bruce Wilkinson. If you haven’t read that book yet, please do. If you want to “rise above the rest” to Live Large – in God’s Grace, as this book suggests, please consider a connection with Gary Smith – you “will” be richly blessed!”

Ruth Adkins
Executive Director, Inspiring Alliance Wounded Warrior Program, Inspiring Alliance
January 12, 2009

“Didn’t work too long with Gary on a professional level, however, in the brief time that I was Regional Sales Manager handling his account, I found Gary to be a “real professional”. He was articulate, smart, thorough and knew his business very well. He’s a Manager who is easy to work with. I believe he would be an asset to any organization.”

Linda Braunhardt
Regional Sales Manager, State-of-the-Art-Turn-Key New England Custom
April 25, 2007

“Gary has clear insight and provides innovative suggestions to help solve problems. Others always stop and listen when Gary speaks, because he often offers new and innovative thoughts on how to best approach issues. Gary also brings the often left out human element to conversations.”

Newt Schoenly
President, Charter Oak Service Corp.
April 26, 2007

“Gary has unselfishly given freely of his time and talent to many without expectation of reciprocity over the years. I believe he will always underpromise and overdeliver anything he has to offer. He not only understands the concepts of World Class Management and Value Added, but lives them. I would highly recommend him to guide your team to real success!”

JaK Wilberscheid,
President, Hood River WaterPlay
April 27, 2007

“In May 2004 I had a great opportunity the whole week to visit Gary’s class. Having come halfway around the world and the time difference Gary taught his profession with the passion and pride of someone enamored by his work. Thanks to his leadership and skills in public speaking Gary has inspired me to embark on a constant search for perspective on the future of both the firm and my personality. Gary showed professionalism all throughout the four years that I knew him. He was always cooperative and insightful.”

Ulzana Batmanova
Student, Kazahsko-Amerikanskij Universitet
January 4, 2009

“Upon working with Gary, it became obvious that he is extremely insightful. He not only has the ability to identify problem areas with relative ease, but can offer real world advice in terms the receiver understands. Even when that information is not what one may want to hear, his delivery comes from the heart and with such a high level of respect that you can’t help but know he is genuinely there to guide you through the rough times. I have learned a considerable amount from Gary in a very short period of time and I can’t help but feel I am in a much better place because of him. He has taken what seemed to be an insurmountable task and turned it into one of ease for me. For that I thank him.”

Lori Kuklinski,
January 6, 2009

“Gary Smith is the person of profound professional knowledge, extensive work experience and genuine integrity in his will to help people and businesses in their pursuit to develop and grow further. I met Gary a few years ago when he visited Kazakhstan to teach Operations Management and leadership skills to students at Kazakh-American Free University, which was his mission and the mission of Optimum Performance Technologies, LLC. I worked as a teacher at that university at that time. I believe that the students had a great opportunity to gain knowledge in these areas of business that enabled them to be able to contribute to the country’s development and make a difference in their life quality. In addition, I was a subscriber of monthly newsletters issued by Optimum Performance Technologies, LLC. I enjoyed reading Gary’s articles that had profound meaning and were very helpful and useful I think not only to me but to a big number of other subscribers as well. Those newsletters were an important source of findings and new ideas that helped me understand some life concepts and guided me in accomplishing my goals. Gary Smith is a real professional and a true friend who can lead people and businesses to their accomplishments through advice and guidance and I believe that he would be a great asset in any organization.”

Dina Belgibayeva
Translator, KPMG Audit
January 22, 2009

“Gary was a visiting faculty at Kazakh-American Free University during 2003-04 academic year. He taught a course in business and strategic planning to undergraduate and graduate students. This course challenged students to develop personal mission, vision, and life strategy. Presented concepts forced students to think “outside the box” regarding their life values and goals.”

Sevints Nuriyeva
Student, Northwest Nazarene University
February 1, 2009

Gary is a hard working dedicated manager who uses the latest management techniques to produce results with the employees who work for him. I found Gary to be an honest, straight forward individual that was clear and concise with his direction and stated requirements.”

Ed Flaherty
Director of Application Development, PTA Corporation
February 16, 2009

“Gary has a good understanding of systems and how they relate to the operating organization. As a result Gary was able to facilitate a successful transition between factory floor activity and the human factor element that satisfied the requirement of improved business metrics.”

Mike Santos
Director of Manufacturing, PTA Corporation
January 12, 2009

“Gary Smith and I worked together for a period at Scott Brass, Inc. He was the Vice President of Operations and I was Director of Information Technology. I was impressed with Gary’s integrity, subject knowledge and willingness to embrace new or alternative technologies to accomplish his goals. He worked well with myself and other senior professionals, collaborating with and coordinating various departments to reach the optimum solution. I would be pleased and proud to work with Gary again in any circumstance.”

Raymond Dufault
Director of Information Technology, Scott Brass, Inc
February 20, 2009

“Gary is extremely experienced in the operations department and fully understands what must be done in order to run an efficient organization. In addition to this, Gary is also a leader that is motivative, highly knowledgeable, and a great listener. I fully endorse the managerial skills of Gary Smith, and strongly believe that he would make a great addition to any business organization.

Andrew Daniels
Operations Intern, Scott Brass
January 4, 2009

“I served with Gary on the management team at Ney. He is very strong from an Operations/Manufacturing perspective, with a good understanding of strategic and tactical drivers that make a company grow profitably. I would look forward to working with him again if the opportunity arose.”

Bob Marcotte
Director Sales and Marketing, Deringer-Ney
January 5, 2009

“It was easy to work for Gary. His door was always open and I could count on him to listen and advise when I had a question or problem. He supported the process engineers in our quest to help keep the manufacturing floor running smoothly, as well as in cost reductions and process improvements. He was effective at communicating to us the information we needed to understand the business, its successes and its challenges.”

Lisa Cavanaugh
Process Engineer – Molding, Deringer-Ney
March 27, 2009

“Gary was instrumental in the development of the Talking Rx, the world’s first talking prescription container. Without Gary our product would not have been developed. He is an honest, forthright person and is a pleasure to work with.”

John Dobbins
Owner, Millennium Compliance Corp
May 1, 2007

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Gary! He had excellent people management and business management skills. Under his management, Bio-Plexus Inc. transformed itself (from a fledgling start-up with purely an R&D focus) into a mature medical device company with high volume manufacturing and sales goals.”

Pinaki Ray
R&D Engineer, Bio-Plexus
September 16, 2007

“Gary is the ultimate professional and team player who works hard to achieve the final goal, customer satisfaction. He is a creative thinker and leader who breaks down barriers. He is very well respected and is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet. I enjoyed working with Gary and would welcome the chance to do so again. I highly recommend Gary for any opportunity he pursues.”

Christopher Duffy
Product Support Manager, Deringer-Ney
October 3, 2009

“Gary is a hard working dedicated manager. He is highly self-motivated and well capable of achieving any goal he sets his mind to. Gary welcomes leadership opportunities and meets his deadlines on time. He is an asset to any company that hires him, and I highly recommend him to any anyone seeking a dedicated, hard-working manager. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.”

Lynn Fedora
Cost Estimator, Deringer-Ney
November 7, 2010

“I had the pleasure of working with Gary Smith (Optimum Performance Technologies, LLC) when he consulted for Optim, LLC. As a mechanical engineer with Optim I worked with Gary on many projects to improve Optim’s manufacturing. Gary is very knowledgeable of manufacturing operations and extremely hard working. Gary is an analytical thinker who is not afraid to dive in and drive to the root cause of an issue. Gary is sincere and very easy to work with. I highly recommend him.”

Robb Gavalis
Optim LLC
December 10, 2012

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