Will Your Business Grow in 2013?

We are fast approaching the New Year.  Many of you have been working diligently to figure out what to do in 2013, what to expect, and how to meet the needs of your customers and employees.  You want this coming year to be more than just a year of struggling to survive.  You want it to be a year of growth and expansion, new products and services, and improved profitability and security.

The $64,000 question is: 


In order to have a successful year in 2013, you need to have a plan, a real plan, and it must contain the following elements:

  • You need to have a documented vision of what you plan to accomplish in the new year;
  • You must translate your vision into a set of SMART goals.  SMART stands for:

          — Specific

          — Measurable

          — Achievable

          — Results-oriented

          — Time Bound

  • You must develop a plan for achieving each of the goals you set for the coming year.  As a note, it would be very beneficial for you to involve your key employees in the goal definition and planning steps.  You will find their input and ideas invaluable, and the more they buy into the plan, the greater the chance that you will actually reach your goals.
  • You must execute the plan;
  • You must monitor your progress toward the achievement of your plan.  This involves activities such as capturing key metrics and having regular progress review meetings.
  • Based on the results of metrics and review meetings, you may need to make some course corrections in order to stay on track.

At Optechs, we have years of experience helping our clients to define, develop plans, and achieve organizational goals.  Please contact us for a free assessment.  We can help you reach your goals in 2013!




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  1. Erika Reply

    Thank you for your posts and for what you are doing here! Admirable work and much success in your bnsiuess dealings! Please excuse my poor English as it is not my first tongue.

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